• 20-09-2018 Oktoberfest is coming
  • 26-10-2017
  • 11-08-2017 Every week, the arrival of the freshest seafood, only in Kobe and just for you!


    Heat is not a hindrance! The coolest and most delicious seafood in Kobe:

    Oysters Blanche and Sentinel, delicious tuna, live lobsters, cuttlefish, wild salmon, dorado, octopus!

  • 14-06-2017 At last it's back! Japanese beer Sapporo!

    Beer "Sapporo" is the oldest Japanese beer, and produced since 1876. Currently, given the great demand of Europeans for the products of Japanese brewers, almost all varieties of Japanese beer began to be produced in factories in Europe. It is known that the Japanese tend to do everything better than others, using the best ingredients. Therefore, the beer "Sapporo" in its quality characteristics and rich taste is the closest to the best European beers, preserving the whole flavor of the national Japanese product. Beer "Sapporo" is a sort of "Premium Lager", which speaks for itself.

  • 01-04-2017

Oktoberfest is coming

Dear friends, specially for you, we brought "Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier", light beer of bottom fermentation with a strength of 6.3%, produced especially for the Oktoberfest beer festival.

And also the freshest and most delicious seafood:

Oysters "Tia Mara", yellowtail, wild salmon, dorado, octopus.

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