Exclusive Japanese drinks

• Hibiki Japanese Harmony whiskey is made from malt whiskey from Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries, as well as grain whiskey from Chita distillery. For their aging, 5 different types of barrels were used, including barrels made of American white oak, Japanese oak Mizunara and previously used for aging sherry. Japanese Harmony whiskey is the result of a team of Suntory specialists led by master blender Singo Torii.

• Gin "Roku" - a premium Japanese gin, which fully reflects the culture of Japan. Translated from Japanese Roku - Six. Gin is used to make six plant components (sakura flowers, sakura leaves, sancho peppers, yuzu, sencha tea and hyokuru tea), which are grown exclusively in Japan. Roku is produced at the modern Liquor Atelier plant, each component is distilled separately. The result is a soft, elegant gin that can conquer from the first sip.

• "135 East" Hyogo Dry Gin - an unusual gin that embodies the style of Hyogo Prefecture, because the blend, in addition to three traditional plant components (juniper, coriander and angelica), uses 5 Japanese herbs (cedar wood, cedar leaf, shiso leaf, chrysanthemum, yuzu) , carefully selected by distillation expert Kimio Yonezawa.

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