We are 26 years old!

Since 1995, the restaurant staff has been following the teachings of the Japanese ryori - small will seem huge if it is fresh and beautiful.

Joy is the goal of good cuisine. Food is needed in order to eat and enjoy. No matter how attractive the treat looks, it only becomes real when you happily eat it.

We are happy that all this time you stay with us, follow our news and come to visit. We have experienced wonderful happy moments with many of you when you celebrated your birthdays and anniversaries with us. We are very proud that all these years our team has grown and developed professionally and this has invariably borne fruit.

This year, due to quarantine restrictions, we cannot get together, but we will be glad to see all our friends visiting us, your favorite dishes are waiting for you, and Kobe is treating you with a birthday cake.

And those who cannot come to visit us due to quarantine measures can order their favorite dishes.

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